Flying without wings - The Helium effect.


Your people are the single most important part of your business. So it stands to reason that finding and hiring the best human capital is a vital strategy for success. And if you want to find and hire the best IT and Technical Electronics people, you've come to the right place.
At Helium, we have the tools, the technology and the know how to get you the best brains in these sectors. We call it the Helium effect because it's just the catalyst you need to make your business take off.

Our secret? - Separating the shooting stars from the damp squibs.

You need the best people. You hire the best people. What's so difficult?
Unfortunately, it's not as simple as that or everybody would be doing it. For one thing, the cream doesn't always float to the top - some people are content to hide their lights under a bushel. Then there are those who aren't actively looking for work. While a third group are better at getting jobs than actually doing them. For all of these reasons and more, Helium have developed a winning combination of techniques, tools and a top-notch team to help us dig a little deeper and find the nuggets. And nuggets are what you will get when adopting our Talent Bank option.