Overseas Candidates

At Helium we appreciate that you may have skills of strong interest to clients here in New Zealand. And in our experience; unless you are planning to visit New Zealand your CV will almost certainly be considered of lesser interest than candidates visiting or about to visit New Zealand.

For information on seeking entry to and employment in New Zealand, please review the following:

Living in New Zealand


Here are some useful links if you want to know more about working and living in New Zealand.

We specialize in and promote roles throughout New Zealand, and we are proud to promote New Zealand as a great country to live in.







Our natural environment will not fail to impress and no matter where you settle you will be within a short drive, ferry trip or flight from skiing, golf, national parks and beaches.

Our capital city, Wellington, boasts a vibrant arts and café culture and is centrally located for access to both North Island and South Island attractions.

For more information on New Zealand, local news and current affairs and our main North Island cities, please visit the links above.

Moving to New Zealand

If you are considering moving to New Zealand from the United Kingdom, then we recommend that you get in touch with Anglo Pacific - World Movers as they are very knowledgeable in this area. For further information please click on the image below.
Helium recommends that you spend some time researching the New Zealand Immigration web site before making plans to travel here. To do this please visit www.immigration.govt.nz
You may also wish to contact a registered Immigration Consultant to assist you through the process. Helium recommend either:
Phoenix International is an innovative, committed and talented consultancy enterprise. They will provide quality advice and assistance in all areas of immigration policy.