Our Service


Service at a higher level.


Pardon the pun, but when it comes to service, Helium puts in a peak performance. Unlike some recruitment businesses, which rely heavily on automated processes, as a people business we insist that our clients deal with actual people.

Or should we say, an actual person. Because if we've learnt one thing in all our years of business, it's that customers prefer a single point of contact. So that's what we provide.
There's something else we've learned from working with people. They have two ears, but only one mouth. So listening to our clients has become an important part of our four step process.
A process that's been integral to our successful track record of providing high levels of client and candidate satisfaction.
Second, our technique. Our thorough four-step process makes our candidates jump through hoops, so you don't have to. (Why keep a dog and bark yourself?)

Step one. Understand.


We like to sit down with our clients at the outset to get a real understanding of their business culture. Ideally, we like to speak to two people already in a similar role, to get a real understanding of the role and the culture of your organisation. Then we make sure the candidates are clearly briefed. We ensure we address every brief with exactly the right strategy needed to find exactly the right person.


Step two. Search.


We check our Talent Bank for suitable local candidates. As well as using a mix of traditional and online advertising to cast the net wider and attract passive job seekers.


Step three. Shortlist.

We meet and vet every candidate we feel has potential, using a customised application process, including psychometric testing if required. Then we present you with a quality pre-qualified short list to save time, effort and money. Our objective is to give you three candidates you can interview and appoint.

Step four. After sales service.

Once you've hired your candidate, it doesn't end there. We follow up to make sure the candidate is fitting in and the client is satisfied. We also offer an extended guarantee of a full fee refund if the candidate leaves within the first four months, and a 25% refund if they leave in the fifth month.
Satisfaction guaranteed or your moneyback (refer to our contract for some conditions). When it comes to service, we hold our heads high.