Franchise Process



With Helium you are never on your own. We are a full-service franchise company. From agreement execution through training and opening and well into the future, we're with you every step of the way.

Because many of our franchisees are potential first time business owners, we provide assistance with business planning, providing finance advice and will be involved in all aspects of setup. You will have access to not only a database for your territory but also nationally. During training, new franchisees will learn small business fundamentals of accounting, marketing and management to ensure a smooth transition into their business.

At Helium we lead by example. New franchisees can expect a high level of service and responsiveness throughout their relationship with us.

Process overview


Going into business for yourself is a difficult one – but one that offers huge rewards to those who succeed. A significant amount of your time, energy and money will be put into making your business a success, so it is important that you evaluate and choose a business that best fits your needs and goals.
Our franchisee selection process has been developed to assist both you, and Helium in making an educated and informed decision about the potential of a long-term relationship. Franchising works best when combining the interdependent skills and capabilities of the franchisor and franchisee with passion, energy and a shared vision for success. Our goal is to help you understand our goals and vision and ensure that they are aligned with yours.

Initial contact


Whether you contact us by e-mail, telephone or fax, you will receive a call from our representative to discuss the opportunity. The call serves as an introductory meeting, provides you with a general overview of our business and explains the application process and additional steps you will need to complete to be considered for a Helium franchise. You will be sent an application pack on receipt of the initial inquiry form.

Franchise application


Helium's receipt of your Inquiry form signals the start of your journey to explore our franchise opportunity. Further steps in the process will be explained to you once contact has been made.

Introduction to Helium


You will learn about our industry, Helium's attributes and competitive advantages and your role and expectations as a franchise owner and member of the Helium organization.

Business support


You will learn more about Helium's industry-leading technology, marketing programs and ongoing support.

Meeting with Helium


You will meet with Helium to discuss in detail how we operate and what your expectations are.

At the appropriate stage you will have the opportunity to work with a business simulator at a detailed level to give you some idea of the impact placement levels and growth within the Franchise has on the Franchise itself and thus the rewards you can earn.