"I am pleased to let you know that I have got a permanent position as a IT Data Warehouse developer in Wellington.  It has been a challenge but have finally managed to crack it .
I would like to thank you for the time that you took out of your busy schedule to explain the nuances of resume writing suited for New Zealand work culture.  The "Case Studies" you made me write certainly made a difference to my resume when I sent it to other prospective employers.  And I really appreciate your large heartedness in allowing me to share this enhanced format of my resume for other job positions as well.

As a migrant, who wants to lead a peaceful life in this wonderful country, I could not have got better guidance.

Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart." - Satish



"Helium have taken the trouble to get to know our organisation, its culture, and the types of people that do well in our environment. This allows them to recognise candidates who will be a good fit for us, and has led to a lot of very successful hires over the past 9 years".

- Nick Evans, Solnet Solutions


"Helium was very professional and helpful to deal with on my search for work. My CV was reviewed in relation to Government and IT related roles that I was looking for, and I was provided with some great tips and good followup documents to help with my interviews and improving my CV. Helium clearly showed that it was interested in developing a good relationship, and helping candidates prepare themselves to stand out from other applicants. The knowledge and experience that Helium has in the Government and IT recruitment area was the best I had dealt with." - James

“Helium Worksearch are absolutely amazing! They worked so hard to get me a job, because they believed in my ability. This was no easy feat given that I have not worked in IT for 5yrs. I am very impressed and recommend Helium to all employers and job searchers. Helium you ROCK!” - Tracy


"I'd just like to say how good I found Helium Work-Search Ltd Recruitment Agency in Wellington; I was so impressed with the professionalism of the company and personal approach that the agents took with me.


They would be calling frequently with jobs to put me forward for and giving me constant updates on progress. They would also give help with interview techniques, their advice often specifically catering for each individual interview. They always followed through with their promises and I had complete confidence in them.


I can honestly say that I found them without doubt the best recruitment agency that I have ever had contact with and I would recommend them to anyone in need of assistance when seeking employment." - Andy


"It was an eye-opening experience for me this afternoon, because I have never met a recruitment consultant, who is responsible and caring for his/her clients like you do. So in response, there is no way that I will let you down.

I appreciate everything you did for me, and I am looking forward hearing from you." - Shuai

"I just want to say a huge thankyou to you and your team for making this all possible.

I know that the decision was the clients but your team went into bat for me and I will always be grateful for that. I Hope you and your team have a relaxing and enjoyable Christmas and a great new year." - Mark


"I want to personally, and especially thank YOU for all your help and advise along the way, particularly with the interviewing process. It is immensely appreciated and I actually feel like I couldn't of done it without your assistance. This may sound crazy but I hate and am terrible at interviews, my nerves always get the better of me, so it was critical for me to get the information and direct advise you gave me. My new role will change my life, I've spent too long dragging my tail at my current employer and I'm looking forward to be excited about getting to work in the mornings. I'd also like to point out this is not a template email." - Alistair
"Thanks for setting up this interview and giving me a briefing. I’ll certainly give it my best shot knowing that I’m one of only two candidates.


I’d just like to comment on the very professional and helpful approach that you have. Each phone call is promptly followed by an E-mail where appropriate and I’m updated with progress. It’s very much appreciated.

Wish me luck!" - Malcolm

“Helium has been very positive towards providing feedback to me even if the overall application result was negative, but I like it because it lets me realize my potential. Unlike other recruitment agencies where I don't hear anything after my application was recommended to the employer. With that, I never learned what my skills weaknesses and strengths are. But with Helium, the feedback gives me opportunity to assess my skills.
I'd be keen to recommend Helium to my IT seeking-job friends."       – RG
"To the Helium Consultant. I Finished the interview, providing the annual report is a very smart idea, and proved invaluable. Also your site tips (candidate articles) about interview techniques is also very useful, this was emailed out with the xmas news letter your company sent. http://www.heliumnz.co.nz/Default.aspx?page=1213" - Rob
"Having recently arrived from the UK I launched my CV onto the New Zealand job market but had no luck. It wasn't until the guys at Helium pointed out that the CV style over here was very different and that employers appreciate much more detail to digest that I realised I might not be standing out on paper against other applicants.  So after putting in some effort to expand the amount of information it contained and receiving plenty of input and helpful review comments from Helium I ended up with a much better marketing document for myself. It must have worked because the very first position they put me forward for quickly turned into a job offer!  Although I've only been in NZ for a relatively short time I didn't find any other agency as helpful, or as keen to make sure I was happy at every stage of the process, so thanks Helium, nice job!" - Loraine
“Infopower have been working with Helium Work Search for over 5 years. Helium has added real value to our recruitment process through their knowledge of our business and client base.  In particular I appreciate the time that has been taken to understand our company culture and the sort of people that fit in best at Infopower.  As a result, Helium is my main "go-to company" when it comes to recruitment.  We meet regularly to discuss the market and to help Helium keep an up to date picture of our short, medium and long term needs.

When it comes to the recruitment process, Helium takes much of the hassle out of it by seeking out, qualifying and selecting only the best prospects, saving us time and energy because we have the confidence that they are in touch with the market and the best people available.  In the unlikely event that the candidate does not work out, Helium will put things right.  I have never felt that money is the main thing for Helium. It's all about the service and the relationship".

- Shane Wood, Managing Director
“The recent recruitment process we have gone through has been very well handled for us by Helium Work Search Limited.  We received approximately 100 applications for an IT Administrator position and all were efficiently processed by Helium (confirmation of application, notification of short-listing or not, pre-interview screening, reference checks, etc.).  At the end of the day all the CIO and I had to do was interview a shortlist of 4 candidates (all were of a high calibre) and make a selection. This was a very easy process to work through and communication was professionally managed between all concerned" - Glen, Infrastructure Manager
“The level of service from Helium Worksearch has been excellent - the Consultant was very proactive and communication was real time.  Every update from my prospective employer is communicated to me right away.I have also been very pleased with the regular updates and the courtesy to call even where there were no new developments.  The Consultant also never failed to get back to me when he said he would.  Another thing that really made their service outstanding is that they really take the effort to know the candidates and determine if the candidate is suitable to the prospective company.  Helium also makes it a point that they have a very good relationship with both the candidates and the company they are working with.  The staff at Helium have also been great.  They always put a smile on their faces when they see you and they have been very polite and welcoming.“ - Kristian
"Its difficult to pin down exactly what was different about my experience with Helium, but in essence it was a much deeper understanding about the technical work I had done in the past and getting to know me well enough in the interview process to offer some guidance on technical fit as well as fit within a prospective organisation's culture.

All too often it seemed that the other employment agencies around the city simply used keyword matching software to trawl CVs on their database and then brokered interviews with the employer, leaving it up to them to see if they were compatible.  Even the ones that specialised in IT recruitment often didn't know anything deeper than the acronyms about different technology. When I was on the other side recruiting for staff in my team I got the sense that they sat there with a pleasant but blank look on their face when gathering requirements for jobs I was trying to fill.


When I decided it was time to re-enter the market myself, I wanted to do so quietly and not scatter my CV around the city through every agency.  My previous experience with Helium led me to contact the Managing Director.  I can't tell if he did remember me after 2 years (and could hardly blame him if he didn't) but once again I felt he was truly interested in me." - Phil

"I came expecting the standard interview and received above and beyond what I imagined.  Not only did the consultant go over the job I met with him about, he went into great detail about how I could improve my CV, discussed the type of questions I could be asked at interview, gave me an enormous amount of information to take away to assist in my future job hunting and was very professional and I felt very looked after. I was very impressed!

I think Helium is the best agency I have dealt with in 4 months

Thanks ever so much for everything". - Rachael
"If you are looking for real placement consultancy not purely an agency, Helium is the place to go. I found it a refreshing change to be working with a very experienced consultant who was not only looking to make a placement but happy to offer expert advice.

As a candidate they would be my preferred placement agency and should I need an agency to find an employee in the future as I believe the value they add to the process would greatly improve the quality of the candidates they would present." - Catherine

Feedback regarding our newsletter:

"What a fantastic set of reading for the initial issue – well done to your contributors and editors. This is a stand-out issue which provides value and captures the interest.  You'll be aware that we are all busy professionals, and only take time to review what is really useful and of value – congratulations - you got it right.  Of course you've also set yourself a standard to keep up!!

It's a pleasure to be associated with a company that sets, and expects, the highest standards – that's why you get the referrals and the repeat business." - Steve
"I have found that too many recruitment agencies say their policy is to qualify candidates and then only submit those which meet that of the JD requirements.  However, in actual fact few agencies work this way, and tend to send 'any old CVs'. - I have found that Helium is one of the exceptions, and they only send CVs that meet the JD requirements, and when they can't meet the requirements, advise us that this is the situation and why.
The practice of Helium undertaking a reference check of candidates and appending these, is valuable in the initial 'paper' assessment of CV's, against the requirements for the job role.  The reference checks provide an quasi independent dimension to the information provided, and therefore is very useful".  
- Government Agency
"Thanks so much for all of your help with my CV and guidance that you did for free.  You helped a lot, and I now have a job as a Desktop Engineer at a local company, which is better than any Call Centre :)  Now I'm loving the job, been doing it for three days, and they said my CV stuck out over everybody else's". - Calum
"I really like your attitude and when I was reading through your site I really felt good energy and sincere devotion to the  job you at Helium Work search are doing. And If I ever show greater commitment for coming, living, and working in NZ, you would be my first choice, because you are showing personal interest in your applicants well-being and this is something which could not be found in other similar companies.  Also, If whole atmosphere in NZ is similar to atmosphere in your site, it seems that NZ is great country for living". - Vojislav

"Helium helped us standardize and streamline our recruitment process, making it more efficient and effective. Helium also provided us with a wider network of  professionals who assisted us with everything from advertisement design to psychometric testing. This ensured we attracted only the most suitable candidates.
Through this experience we have a better understanding of the requirements of the position and the person we were seeking. We also have a clearer idea of the strengths and attributes of our present team, which we found vital for future planning.
- Lox/Janesce - provision of HR Services

I would highly recommend engaging the services of the professional, friendly team at Helium for all HR requirements".           - Janine Tait Managing Director
For further recommendations in relation to our HR services please click here
"After arriving in New Zealand from overseas I made contact with a number of Wellington based agencies to help me find employment.  While I found the general standard to be high with everyone taking time to meet with me and discuss my requirements I found Helium went more than the extra mile.  The requirements gathering process was much more comprehensive, there was valuable advice available on marketing myself from CV format to overall strategy.  Email and telephone messages were returned extremely promptly and both individuals I dealt with gave up plenty of their time and made me feel like I was important as an individual.  I would not hesitate to recommend Helium to anyone looking for employment in Wellington and I will be calling them first when I need to recruit myself".           - Recent Arrival

"What makes dealing with Helium different?

As a long time IT contractor and permanent employee I have dealt with a number of recruitment agencies, both in the UK and New Zealand.  In general they have ranged from mediocre to worse.

In my dealings with Helium I have been struck by a vital difference. Helium recruitment consultants genuinely understand the skills and temperament required in the real world to do the jobs they advertise.  I feel valued as a candidate because I trust Helium to understand and accurately represent my capabilities and strengths, and with their reputation for doing so a Helium recommendation behind me counts for more.

When hiring I normally rely on internal interviews and reference checks to find quality people. When hiring through Helium I can place reliance on the opinion of Helium, as I know they truly understand what a good candidate for my vacancy would look like.

The difference is like buying a house from an ex-architect and builder, instead of from a real estate agent. The agent doesn't really understand what it takes to create their product, the architect does.  The agent can't really advise customers in depth on the quality of the product, the architect can".            - Robin

"I thought it wise for me to write to you to thank you again for your kind guidance in finding me a role with my current employer.

Two years ago, I contacted you via email and had the pleasure of meeting you to go over the options for a technical writer.

I am grateful to say the job remains highly interesting and I've had the pleasure of working with fantastic people at a range of government departments.

I wanted to let you know that your guidance is still appreciated 2 years down the path."              - Mark

I have been thinking of writing this email for quite a long time now.

But have got chance today. I have got a permanent position as a business analyst at Chelmer Ltd in Auckland and had joined here in February.  I am finding the work interesting and also feel I have got what I wanted.  I would like to thank you sincerely as you were the first recruiter I met in NZ.  The way you described the IT scenario in NZ, the tips and help offered by you for improving my CV were very helpful for me in this new job market.  I was benefited quite a lot by your detailed and critical inputs.  Please accept my thanks and I shall look forward to keep in touch with you.  Thanks again for your help.   
Thank you very much for taking time to meet with me on Friday morning. Your feedback and advice is appreciated and gratefully received. I found it rather refreshing and insightful.
It was really a pleasure to meet with you.  I was impressed with your professionalism and genuine interest in doing the right thing for your client and the candidates.  Someone who thinks longer term about building relationships. Wish there were more recruiters like you in Wellington.“ - Chandresh

"Revera is a growing company which has required the need for it to recruit new staff on a consistent basis, for a variety of roles. Peter and the Helium team have stepped up to meet our needs, answer our questions and provide advice in an honest and way that Revera really values.  The reason Revera use Helium is that it has taken the time to thoroughly understand Revera’s business needs, they meet with us regularly and get to know us deeper than the vacancies we have and understand how we like to operate in the ICT industry – and importantly they understand the recruitment industry.  Having consultants who understand our business and industry means we speak the same language and this makes the process smooth and stress free, and helps find the right Revera-ready people to hire. " - Elizabeth O'Brien HR Advisor