HR Service Testimonials

Coaching - clients' perspective
"I learnt an incredible amount from Ann Ryder regarding the often overlooked areas associated with people management. It has been my experience that managers are more often than not recruited for their technical abilities rather than people skills. However, it is very obvious to astute organisations that people are the most difficult area of a business to manage. A business cannot operate to its full potential without an empowered, valued and passionate workforce. Ann helped me to develop these crucial skills through real life examples that resulted in immediate and positive results”.  
- D.C., Operations Manager, Utilities Company, Queensland
"key differentiators include Ann's personal expertise in Career Counseling and Outplacement, which are exceptional and her ability to get to know our business and understand our business drivers". - HR Director, IT Company, Wellington
"Ann knows and uses appropriate tools and methodologies to support the work she does but at the end of the day focuses on the REAL issues being faced by both the business, the manager and the employee to find a TRUE win win outcome. She is not unduly bound to follow a particular process and therefore tailors her approach to what is needed.
Ann will also work with the "whole person" and provide support to other family members if a situation requires it"
- Retail Manager, Major Energy Company
Coaching - candidates' perspective
"Ann used tools to supplement her work which were both appropriate and extremely helpful. That being said, I also felt that the way in which she was able to interpret the information she was receiving was the key to this success".
- Senior Consultant , Communications Company
"One of the most effective things to me was that Ann also doesn't allow you to 'get away' with 'cast away' comments. I was making certain claims about myself, that I had long believed to be true - Ann directed me to those comments to dissect them. I have had no need to say them since, I had assumed certain things about myself, which were wrong and by believing them, I had closed viable options for myself.
- Business Analyst, Utilities Company

"I am a senior manager and have recently enjoyed the privilege of working with Ann over a period of about 5 months. I have to admit that at first I was a bit nervous about what might transpire – knowing that the questions were likely to journey down a very personal route quite quickly and testing “why I do the things I do the way I do”.


To have someone who can subjectively, compassionately and expertly consider all aspects of my life, who and how I am, and link everything together was extremely valuable.


Ann made me confront how I balanced what was important in life, namely myself, in how I juggled priorities and made decisions in order to be what I needed to be to those I was responsible for. Ann provided advice on how I could coach my own staff through their personal development needs and of course the learning's that I made with Ann were able to be translated to my team members as well. I felt fully supported through our relationship and valued the time that we spent together..


The result of my work with Ann is that I am able to view things differently – with more consideration to the fact that it is OK to step back and take it easy sometimes!"

- Senior Manager, Retail Organisation

Teamwork - clients' perspective
"The depth of Ann's knowledge was evident from the start, therefore gaining respect from the team very early on. She created a very secure environment, which enabled the team to express themselves freely. We had a very successful session.
Ann is a very professional and positive person, which is infectous. She was quick to identify the team members that had issues and was able to draw information from them without the individual even being aware of it".
- Team Leader, Major Energy provider
"Ann took plenty of time to understand interrelationships and core issues. Professional advice and follow up meant we were left feeling that Ann cared"
- Metering Manager, Major Energy provider
HR and Organisational Development Services
"Ann is able to establish trust and empathy with the people she works with and manage situations to ensure clients outcomes are delivered"
- Fomer HR Director, Large Manufacturing Organisation
"Performance is always high. Swift response to our time critical issues, appropriate professional response and positive outcomes achieved for the individual and for the company".
- CFO, IT Company