Frequently asked questions about Project Results PRINCE2® Foundation and/or Practitioner certification courses


About Project Results


Who is Project Results?

Project Results ( runs PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses across New Zealand using Goal Professional Services ( courseware. They have been running PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner courses for the past 3 years with a 2 monthly public schedule in Wellington and 3 monthly in Auckland and Christchurch.  Their training delivery is overseen by Goal Professional Services who have over 10 years experience in PRINCE2 course delivery.


Where is Project Results based?

Project Results is based in Wellington but runs courses across New Zealand.


I’ve heard that other organisations run PRINCE2 courses.  Why would I choose this one?

Project Results has a wide range of experience is assisting individuals and organisations to improve their Project Management capability.  Not just through training but also through coaching and consultancy.  Their Senior Trainer, Paul Sutton (who runs the PRINCE2 courses) uses many practical examples from his 20 years of experience as a hands on project and programme manager.  Paul has a very engaging delivery style and we can attest to this and his huge depth of experience. 


What is the course quality like?

Project Results has a very high quality approach which focuses not only on passing the exams but also on applying PRINCE2 after course completion.  Paul also adjusts the course delivery to meet the needs of the attendees.  As well as being a highly experienced Project and Programme Manager Paul has a current consulting and coaching practice which provides him with up to date contact with real-life project management needs.  We believe that Project Results has the most in-depth project delivery experience of any PRINCE2 training provider in New Zealand.  They also have very high pass rates from the exams.


What do I get with the course?

Included in the course is pre-course work, the PRINCE2 2009 manual, Foundation and Practitioner (if you do the Practitioner component) courseware, quick reference sheets, fees for the Foundation and Practitioner exams and certification fees.  Project Results give you access to templates and are readily available for ad-hoc advice, ongoing consultancy and support.


Goal Professional Services has developed an extensive collection of templates and exemplars which participants have access to after course completion.  Along with blank templates there are completed examples to demonstrate practical application.  These are for participants’ own development and for use on the projects they are running.  We believe they are the most comprehensive set of templates offered as part of a PRINCE2™ course and are an invaluable aid in participants applying the method after course completion.


Who is Goal Professional Services?

In order to run PRINCE2™ courses you need to under the supervision of an Accredited Training Organisation (ATO).  Project Results has strategically chosen Goal Professional Services ( as that ATO and along with supervision they also provide the courseware.  The key reasons for the strategic usage of Goal Professional Services are:-

  • Goal also has extensive hands on experience in project management training, consultancy and capability development.
  • Their lead trainer (Geoff Rankins), who developed the courseware, has extensive project delivery and training experience.
  • They have very clear courseware with a high level of focus on pre-course work to ensure you are well prepared for the course.
  • The course contains in depth exercises which illustrate the application of the method.
  • Paul works very closely with Geoff who also frequently travels to New Zealand to deliver MSP™ courses for Project Results.


What support do I get?

Project Results has an approach which supports you both before during and after the course.  They offer support before the course on any queries you might have.  Their flexible delivery style allows the course to address your real life issues. 


You also get access to the most extensive collection of templates and exemplars which will show you how to apply the method on your real projects.


What is required in the pre-course work?

Project Results has the strongest focus on pre-course work which feedback has shown ensures that participants are better prepared for the courses.  As soon as participants register they receive the manual and pre-course exercises.  They also get regular encouragements to study and support for this. 


This focus allows our participants to be well prepared for the course, come out with a greater understanding and gives well above average pass rates.


What is PRINCE2?


PRINCE2™ has been developed by the UK Government (  It is used throughout the UK public environment and is the major methodology used in all other sectors there.  In New Zealand also it is very commonly used across the public service, with a very strong uptake in private enterprise too. Project Results has been running this training for New Zealand and Australian public and private sector organisations since 2009.


PRINCE2 is a universal project management approach which is applicable to all types of projects. The courses are based on the “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2 2009” Manual which is readily available (and which participants receive with the course).  The Foundation and Practitioner certifications are internationally recognised and the language which PRINCE2 uses is easy to follow.


Are there course prerequisites?


There are no prerequisites for starting the course.  


What is the training based on and who recognises the certification?


The training is based entirely on the “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™ 2009” Manual.  Accreditation of exams, courseware and trainers is provided by APMG-Australasia (  Paul is subject to annual quality reviews and has to work under an ATO (Accredited Training Organisation) which provides his professional supervision.


The qualification is internationally recognised under this framework with particularly strong recognition in New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and the UK.


What is the course format


Once participants register for a course they are sent the “Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2™ 2009” Manual and pre-course exercises.  At least 10 hours work prior to the course is recommended.  The feedback that Project Results has received is that of all PRINCE2™ providers we are the one that most strongly emphasises the value of prework. They also continually encourage participants to complete it.  They provide telephone support during the process to help with any issues participants might have.


The public courses run from 8:30 to 5:00. The first 3 days make up the Foundation component and the final 2 days consists of the Practitioner component.  At this point we plan to split the two components with Foundation occurring in early man and Practitioner in early June.


The Foundation component gives you the full PRINCE2 curriculum and is delivered through presentations, discussions, exercises and exam practice.  The course is intensive, running from 8:30 to 5:00 with a recommended additional 2 hours of exam practice each evening.  


At the end of the 3rd day participants sit a 1 hour Foundation exam, following which participants are given their preliminary result. Project Results has around a 99% pass rate.


The Practitioner component develops and tests for a fuller understanding of the application of PRINCE2™.  It is the qualification which organisations are seeking in professional project managers.  The course is 1.5 days long with the last half day consisting of the examination. The course consists entirely of method application exercises, discussion and exam practice.  


The Practitioner exam is taken in the afternoon and is 2.5 hours long.  It is marked in Australia with 1 to 2 weeks delay until the participants are given their results.  Project Results pass rate is around 90%


What level of certification should I go with


Project Results advice is that if a person is just starting out in a project management role or working in the project environment then it may be better to do the Foundation course and then follow up with the Practitioner course as they gain experience.   As stated above the Practitioner course is for a more in depth understanding of the method and is the qualification of choice for professional project managers.


How does this fit with other training


Our and Project Results view is that Project Management is a profession and as such all the required skills are not learned within a 1 week course.  What the PRINCE2 course will give you is a specific and readily recognised method for managing projects.  The course will also help to highlight other areas for skill development which you can address as you learn and grow.


We also believe that tertiary and organisational short courses are all valuable in project management career progression.  One question which is often asked is “Should I do PRINCE2™ or PMI’s PMBoK™?”.  Our view is that the two courses are complementary and there is value in doing both.  The main advantage PRINCE2 provides however is its easy accessibility, clear language and specific approach.  Project Results are more than happy to give you further information on various approaches and they can do this because Paul is certified in both.


What is your planned schedule


Their next Wellington course is starting on the 15th of October.  The last course for the year starts on the 10th of December and next year courses recommence in late February.




The price for the Foundation course only is $2,150.  For both the Foundation and Practitioner courses the price is $3,250.  All prices are quoted GST exclusive.  It is slightly more expensive to book the Foundation and Practitioner courses separately ($1,475 for Practitioner on its own). 


The excellent news is that Project Results are also offering Helium candidates a discounted price for registrations made during 2012. The PRINCE2 Foundation course will be reduced by $200-00 from $2,150 to $1,950.  If you would like to do both PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner the price will be reduced by $300-00 from $3,250 to 2,950.  Courses commence in Wellington on the 15th of October, 10th of December and next year from the 25th of February.  To receive this discount you simply need to register this year and can take the course next year if that is more convienient.